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Are you excited about the upcoming summer? Have you stood out back and realized you are missing something? Wouldn’t a brand-new deck look great for BBQs or get-togethers? Decks are not only stylish but they can increase your home value by 68%. If you want to create a fabulous oasis this summer, Zama Construction is a general contractor in Philadelphia that can help! They are experts when it comes to traditional wood decks as well as the new and improved TREX® maintenance-free decks. What are the benefits of a TREX® deck?

4 Benefits of TREX® Maintenance-free Decks

TREX® deck Team Zama Construction & Remodeling in PA

TREX® maintenance-free decks offer a myriad of benefits that elevate your outdoor living experience while minimizing upkeep. Here are four compelling reasons to choose TREX® for your deck:

1. Eliminate the Hassle of Traditional Wood Decks

There are a ton of problems with wood decks that you will not experience with a TREX® deck. Every year, before the summer season begins, you need to stain, treat, and repair the wood on your decks. Insects can burrow, eat, or damage the wood causing structural damage and unsightly holes. After a while, the wood will rot, splinter, and crack. TREX® decks do not have any of these problems because it is a recycled, composite material, know that partner for home repair.

2. Cheaper in the Long Run

The initial cost of TREX® decking material may be slightly higher than the traditional wood compound. However, you need to take into consideration that the composite material is maintenance-free. This means you will never spend money on fixing warped planks, staining, sealing, or anything else that comes with having a wood deck. The TREX® material also lasts for 27 years or more.

3. Easy Cleaning

TREX® deck Team Zama Construction & Remodeling in PA

Getting ready for summer can be tiring. Yard cleanup, moving things, and landscaping can take a toll. The last thing you want to worry about is getting your deck in pristine condition. Good news! Your TREX® deck is easy to clean. A mild soap and water will make it shine from all the dirt and debris that winter left for you, this need general contactor.

4. Care About the Environment

Harvesting wood is bad for the environment. Not only does it take away from the forests but also affects animals and disturbs the soil. With TREX® decking material, you are using 95% of recycled material. The composite boards not only look and feel great, but you are also doing your part for climate change!

Call Zama Construction, your local general contractor, at (515) 494-0468 to set up an appointment. You can also go to their website to book an appointment or check out their other services. Summer is fastly approaching, order your brand new TREX® maintenance-free deck today!

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